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Automatic Production Line for Cutting, Punching, and Milling Aluminum Formwork LMBX-CNC-600×3000
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Jinan Tianchen has researched and developed the first aluminum template sawing milling automatic production line in China. The production line can finish cutting, punching, and milling of aluminum formwork with the production line, which has reduced the turnover of the formwork, and reduced the number of workers for  processing and turnover. It has met the batch and efficient production of the standard plane formwork.

Function of the production line:

Mainly used for cutting, punching on both sides, and milling aluminum formwork in the standard plane formwork (floor panels, wall panels) automatically and efficiently. It can realize batch and rapid production of pull-type aluminum formwork and pull lever aluminum formwork.

l Main advantage

1.         A substantial increase in production capacity. The sum of capacity is roughly equivalent to two CNC cutting machine, two hydraulic punching machines and two milling machines, total of six single machines;

2.         Save a lot of manpower. The production line needs only 2 to 3 people on the Loading and unloading operation, and to achieve the same capacity, it will need 13 workers if we use the traditional stand-alone machines.

3.         Improve the processing accuracy. This machine can be automatic feeding with manipulator, automatic cutting, automatic punching, automatic milling slot and other processing. Are all positioned precisely by the high-precision rack and pinion, linear guide and other moving parts, which are all driven by the CNC system.

4.         Reduce labor intensity. Only manual loading and unloading operation, it eliminates the frequent manual handling, turnover, flap stamping and other large number of manual labor in the single machine operations, completely.

5.         Safe and reliable operation. Automatic operation, to ensure the safety of operators, in addition to loading and unloading, without too much human intervention, cutting, punching, and milling are all sealed protective cover.

6.         Can achieve flexible processing. To achieve automatic adjustment procedures, the cutting size, the quantity of punching slot and profile width changes, its need manual intervention except individual link, other processing can be changed through the CNC system, without any artificial adjustment of the cutting plate and disassembly punching needle. It can also be easily followed by welding robot to process for data transmission and exchange, setting up intelligent manufacturing system of aluminum formwork.

l production line technical specifications:

7.       Processing steps: Cutting, continuous punching, milling slot on both sides

8.       Applicable width of aluminum formwork profile: 200 ~ 600mm

9.       The length of the aluminum formwork material16006100

10.     Processing length of aluminum formwork: 750 ~ 3000 mm

11.     Punching size: Φ16.5  mm on both sides of the same punching

12.     Depth of milling groove: 1.75 ± 0.25 mm

13.     Width of milling groove: 36/40

14.     Number of milling spindle: 12~16 units

15.     Power of spindle for milling slot: 2.2 KW

16.     Area: 35 × 6m

17.     Total power: 85 kW



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