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Automatic Production Line for Cutting, Punching and Milling Aluminum Formwork
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Automatic Production Line for Cutting, Punching and Milling Aluminum Formwork

Model: LMBX-CNC-600X3000


Product Description

Jinan Tianchen has researched and developed the first aluminum formwork sawing milling automatic production line in China. The cutting, punching, and milling of aluminum formwork can be completed together in one machine, which reduced the turning over of material, and also greatly reduced the workforce of processing and turnover. It realized effective mass production of standard flat aluminum formwork.

The product mainly used for standard flat aluminum formwork (floor panels, wall panels) cutting, automatically punching and milling at both sides. It can realize batch and rapid production of pull-type aluminum formwork and pull lever aluminum formwork.

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Features & Advantages

  Substantially increased the production capacity. The total capacity is roughly equivalent to two CNC cutting machines, two hydraulic punching machines and two milling machines, total of six single machines.

  Save lots of manpower. It only needs 2-3 personnel to operate in the feeding and discharging process, but for using traditional single machine modes, it will need 13 workers.

  Improve the processing accuracy. Automatically feeding by manipulator, auto cutting, auto punching, auto milling and other procedures are all accurately positioned by the high precision gear rack, linear guide rail pair and other movable parts which driven by the CNC system.

  Reduce labor intensity. Only the loading and discharging needs manual operation. Totally eliminated the frequent manual handling, turnover, flap stamping and other labor work when using a single machine.

  Safe and reliable operation. Automatic operation mode, beside the loading and discharging, no more need of manual operation. There is sealed protective cover for cutting, punching and milling to guarantee the operator’s safety.

  Flexible process can be realized. When the cutting dimension, number of punching and width of profile changed, except some of the procedures need manual intervention, the other procedures can automatically adjusted through CNC processing program adjusting. No need of manually adjusted the saw cutting positioning panel and disassemble the punching needle. And it can also conveniently transit and exchange data with the following welding robot process, setting up the intelligent manufacturing system of aluminum formwork.



Technical Parameters

Processing procedures

Cutting, continuous punching, milling   slot on both sides

Applicable width of aluminum formwork   profile


The length of the aluminum formwork   material


Processing length of aluminum formwork


Punching Size

Φ16.5mm on both sides at same time

Depth of milling groove


Width of milling groove


Number of milling spindle

12~16 units

Power of spindle for milling slot



35 x 6M

Total Power


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