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CNC double sawing Machine Center
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CNC double sawing Machine Center

Model: LJVC-CNC-2X6000

LJVC-CNC-2X6000 SQUARE.jpg铝型材数控双料锯切中心LJVC CNC 2X6000.jpg


Features & Advantages

  The machine is designed for high effective cutting for aluminum windows and doors profile. It can cut two pieces of profile at 45°or 90°at the same time.

  The host machine cover adopts fully closing design, the inner image will be displayed on the monitor, safe and environment protected.

  The auto feeding worktable can continuously clamp two profiles to accurately feeding.

  Adopting SIEMENS control system, ensure the equipments operating reliable.

  All movable parts adopt high precision linear guide rail pair, operating steadily and ensure the processing precision.

  Equipped with auto chip removal device to discharge the material and aluminum chips from the machine head automatically

  The movement of mechanical arms adopts SIEMENS servo motor, imported high precision gear rack transmission, ensure the feeding precision.

  High precision spindle electric motor straight connect the blade, cutting steadily

  The innovated SIEMENS industrial control computer can support optimizing feeding various ways auto leading-in. It can seamlessly connect with lots of optimizing feeding software.

  Equipped with barcode printer, which can auto printing the pre-set profile information.

  Patent Number:ZL201310112538.7, ZL201420861970.6, ZL201510022199.2


Technical Parameters

Cutting Motor Power


Blade Specification

Φ500 x Φ30 x4.4 x120T/Φ400xΦ30x3.5x120T

Cutting Height


Cutting Width


Max Length of Raw material


Feeding Length


Cutting Angle Deviation


Length Deviation


Repeat Locating Length Deviation


Contour Dimension




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