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5 Axis CNC Double Head Saw for Aluminum Profile
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5 Axis CNC Double Head Saw for Aluminum Profile

Model: LJB2H-5CNC-600X6000


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Features & Advantages

Applicable to any two-dimensional composite angle cutting of large-section aluminum profiles;

Five-axis full-closed CNC system is adopted to ensure the positioning accuracy of the rotation angle and length;

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The movable cutting saw head adopts linear guide pair and gear rack transmission to ensure the rigidity and positioning accuracy of the transmission;


The machine head rotates with precision crossed cylindrical roller bearings, and the rotation is stable and reliable;

The enhanced rocker arm structure makes the cutting more stable and the cutting effect is better;

The saw blade swings out under the work table, the cutting is smooth, and the cut surface of the profile is smooth;


Lubrication and cooling device that moves with the saw blade, effectively improving the cutting quality and the service life of the saw blade;

The pneumatic positioning brake and the compressing of the profile ensure the cutting stability;

With automatic lifting intermediate carrier and follow-up carrier for long profile support.


Technical Parameters



Power   supply voltage:

380V10% 50Hz2% three-phase   four-wire system

sawing   motor power

3kW   2800rpm

Working pressure


Saw   blade specifications

600   38 4.8 4.2 144P

Saw   blade angle

4590 arbitrary angle

Table   rotation angle

45   ~ 135 arbitrary angle

Cutting   Section range

200mm   200mm (cutting angle at 90, width height, see the cutting section range)

Cutting length

700mm5000mm (90)

Blade   feed rate


Cutting   surface roughness


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