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CNC Saw Machine Center LJVE-CNC-6000
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  • Main purpose and applications  

  1. It is used for high effective cutting aluminum profile at 45°or 90°.

  2. The auto worktable continuous feeding and clamping profile.

  3. It adopts high precision straight guide rail pair to ensure stability and reliable operation.

  4. Load mechanical arm adopts Siemens servo drive can reach to three axis (X, Y, Z) auto control. Imported high precision gear rack drive to ensure reliable feeding.

  5. Blade connected with imported motor. Cut smooth, steady and high precision.

  6. Siemens control system makes machine working steady and reliable.

  7. It can complete the 45°cutting through up and down saw blade respectively cutting, high cutting precision, which can avoid partial breakage of profile.

  8. It can continuously complete profile ±45° or 90° cutting, high processing efficiency.

  9. Unload mechanical arm adopts servo driver, which can realize fast unloading, positioning function and be able to reach the auto output of the shortest profile 260mm.

  10. Roller linear guide pair and ball screw equipped with auto lubrication system, improve the precision and service life.

  11. Hinge type constantly conveys scrap and aluminum scrap to the outside.

  12. The totally enclosed safety cover to ensure the personal security.

  13. Option: Profile lifting platform to achieve the single person feeding operation

  14. Option: Bar code printer for E-works. 

  • Technical parameters  

  1. Cutting motor power3×3.0 kW

  2. Total power18kW

  3. Power supply380V 50Hz

  4. Operation air pressure0.60.8MPa

  5. Air consumption150L/min

  6. Blade specification:Ф550×Ф30×4.4×120T

  7. Cutting height30140 mm

  8. Cutting width30100 mm

  9. Raw materials2605800 mm

  10. Cutting angle deviation:±5

  11. Length deviation:±0.15mm

  12. Repeat locating length deviation:±0.05mm

  13. Contour dimension14000×5000×2500 mm

  14. Weight7000 kg

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