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Aluminum Curtain Wall Multi-head Combination Drilling Machine LZZ6A-13
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¡ñEquipment Features:

Used for drilling holes on aluminum profiles and curtain wall profiles. Apply to volume-produce.

Max processing profile section size is 250¡Á250mm, max processing length is 5000mm.

Multi-head boring anchor can be fixed to meet multi-holes processing requirement.

Feeding system adopts airdraulic-damping cylinder, which ensured smooth feeding.

Imported Schneider PLC control system with steady capability.

¡ñMain specification and technical parameter£º

Power supply£º380V   50HZ                 

Cutting motor power£º6¡Á0.75KW   1400r/min

Max drilling hole diameter£º16mm                 

Max distance between two drilling holes£º5000mm

Min distance between each group holes£º300mm              

Power unit quantity£º6

Max moving distance at horizontal direction of drilling head£º120mm         

Moving distance at vertical direction£º150mm 

Worktable size(L¡ÁW)£º300¡Á300(mm)    

Drilling head feeding travel£º125mm

Feeding pressure£º0.5¡«0.8MPa              

Max processing profile section size£º250¡Á250mm

Contour dimension(W¡ÁH¡ÁL)£º5500¡Á1300¡Á1900£¨mm£©

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