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Aluminium Profile CNC Saw Gauge Cutting Saw LJZXB-CNC-600
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l Equipment Features

1.         It used for cutting profile of aluminum door and windows curtain wall and corner connector at 90°.

2.         Imported linear guiding pair ensures steady processing accuracy

3.         Gauge part is driven by CNC to ensure positional accuracy.

4.         Sawing feeding adopts hydraulic type, smooth movement and perfect cutting effect is available.

5.         Horizontal and vertical pressing device On both sides of the saw blade.

6.         Lubricating cooling device follow with saw blade to improve cutting accuracy and life of saw blade.

7.         It equipped with high power vacuum cleaner to keep the working environment clean,

l Main specification and technical parameter 

Power supply 380V±10%  50Hz±2%

Cutting motor power5.8kW    

Operation air pressure0.60.8MPa

Blade specification:Φ600×Φ30×4.8×144T

Cutting scale600mm×140mm550mm×190mm (W×H)

Cutting angle90°

Gauge length200mm3000mm

Worktable height770mm

Cutting speed08m/min

Repeat locating length tolerance:±0.2 mm

Cutting length accuracy:≤0.5mm

Cutting surface roughness:≤Ra12.5μm

Contour dimension11000mm×2310mm×1570mm (L×W×H)

Weightabout 2500kg


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