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CNC 90°Feeding Saw for aluminum formwork LJJL-CNC-500
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l Equipment Features

1.         This machine is used for 90°cutting aluminum formwork and its accessories.

2.         Driven by Schneider servo motor, and adjustable clamp feeding, which ensure the profile-feeding accuracy

3.         Saw blade feeding uses gas-liquid damping system, flat-out saw, which ensure the working stability.

4.         Horizontal compression and vertical compression are pneumatic compression

5.         The rollers of the feeding frame and the discharging stand adopt polyurethane rubber covered roller, so as to avoid the scratch of the profile;

6.         With the linear guide, it ensures the feeding and the cutting of profiles smoothly and Precisely;

7.         With the centralized spray cooling device, it ensures that the blade life and cutting surface accuracy;

8.         The high-power vacuum cleaner ensures clean and clean site;

9.         With an friendly touch screen man-machine interface, it is easy to operate;

10.     The pneumatic control components of SMC has low power consumption and no interference to the system;

l Main specification and technical parameter

Power supply380V 50Hz

Operation air pressure0.6~0.8 MPa

Cutting motor power / rotational speed5.8kW  2800r/min

Blade specification:φ500×φ30×4.4×Z120

Cutting scalewidth×height):600×140mm

Auto-feeding length6500 mm

Auto-feeding speed60m/min

Cutting angle tolerance:±5

Cutting profile surface roughnessRa12.5μm

Cutting length tolerance:±0.15mm



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