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Aluminum Doors & Windows Hinge Drilling Machine LZJ2-2000
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l Equipment Features

  1. It used for drilling installing hole, sliding support hole and four connecting rod hole of aluminum window and door profile (outward window and tilt Windows, ect).

  2. It can process on both sides of total 10 holes at one time. Machining efficiency is very high.

  3. It used of high precision multi axis drilling package from Taiwan to ensure machining accuracy and service life.

  4. Foot switches control action, easy to operate.

l Main specification and technical parameter

  1. Process width: 300~2000mm

  2. Drilling diameter: φ1~φ

  3. Min hole distance: 22mm

  4. Max hole diatance: 380mm

  5. Rated power: 3.0kW

  6. Spindle speed: 1400rpm

  7. DimensionL×W×H):3100x1200x960(mm)

  8. Weight750kg


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