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Industrial Aluminum Profile High-Speed 3-axis CNC processing center GCGZD-CNC-4500
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l Equipment Features

1.        It is used for all kinds of CNC drilling and milling profiles and plates in aluminum, steel, copper, PVC, and plates, which realizes that a clamping can finish multi-operation processing of milling, drilling and tapping.

2.        The machine construction uses moving column method, it ensures that the machine runs smoothly and running speed up to 60m/min.

3.        It adopts flying saucer type tool magazine, it have reliability structure and the fast tool changing speed.

4.        It adopts advanced Siemens servo motor, ball screw, linear guide and bearing, which ensure that the machine can run with stability and reliability.

5.        The worktable uses standard 14T -slots, it is used for clamping of the industry profile.

6.        It adopts Siemens high power and large torque servo spindle motor, Taiwan POSA Main axis, it have high rev, good rigidity and rigidity tapping.

7.        It adopts Siemens CNC system, it have good user interface and stable performance.

8.        The advanced micro-lubrication cooling system has energy efficiency and environmental protection to the working environment.

9.        This machine adopts micro-atomization and cutting fluid cooling.

10.    The configuration side and in front of the machine by closed protection, which ensure that the operator's personal safety.

l Main specification and technical parameter

Power supply380V/50HZ

Air supply0.50.8Mpa

X-way range(X-axis)4500mm

Y-way range(Y-axis)450mm

Z-way range(Z-axis)400mm

X-axis speed      060m/min

X/Y-axis speed030m/min

Main axis rev.12000r/min

Main axis power5.5kw

Spindle taperBT30

The distance from main axis to worktable350mmlength of milling cutter:100mm

X-axis locating length:±0.05mm

X/Y-axis locating length:±0.02mm

Repeat locating length:±0.01mm

Tool magazine typeflying saucer

Tool magazine capacity16

Lubrication systemAuto lubricating

Cooling systematomization cooling/cutting fluid






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