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Aluminum Profile Hardware Punching Machine LY-16
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¡ñ Equipment Features:

  1. This machine is imported from Germany, 4 working positions were used for the punching of bores of aluminum doors and windows smoothly and efficiently.

  2. Used for hardwires slots and bores punching of aluminum windows and doors.  

  3. The driving is controlled by the pneumatic step value to make the work stable.

  4. The four working position can finish corner cutting and the driver¡¯s cutting and punching processing.

¡ñ Technical Parameter

  1. Punch Pressure: 16KN

  2. Working position: 4

  3. Punch journey: 30mm

  4. Die contour dimension: 340¡Á240¡Á500mm

  5. Air consumption pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

  6. Contour dimension: 600¡Á480¡Á1320mm

  7. Weight: 200KG

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